The Great Reset – Or The Fourth Industrial Revolution

A Plan Years In The Making

The Soviet Union fell in 1988, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. This momentous occasion was a huge win for freedom and liberty in the West. Berlin was destroyed and the eastern block was liberated from the oppressive communist regime. But for years, those that never saw the dismantling of the Soviet Union as an end to the communist experiment sought a different path – slow, methodical subversion of Western society via the social and cultural institutions that we depend on.

In 1998 the World Economic Forum released it’s “Agenda 21”, a very ambitious plan for the world that would tackle the theoretical problems we would face in the near future due to the onset of rapidly advancing computing technology and the World Wide Web. It went unnoticed by human rights watchdogs and skeptical minds alike for years. The plan envisioned what new technologies we would be encountering and their effect on the world economy and social life on a grand scale. While free trade agreements with China being made and globalization growing in size, the world got smaller and more complex, disease prevention soon became a real issue along along a myriad of cultural problems.

This agenda was supposed to be the remedy for the rapid civil collapse that the intelligentsia and world elite saw in our immediate future. But if one actually reads the plan, it only speaks of ideas that were thought to be defeated a decade before it’s publishing. The failed ideas of Stalin and Marx stain the pages of this subversive plan.

A lot of it is based in the idea of redistribution. The seizure of personal property by the state in the name of righteous virtue. But, as they say, the road to hell is always paved with good intentions. These however, are the intentions of the richest human beings in history. And they are all based within the framework of power, not truth or fact. While they claim it’s based on scientific study and rigorous statistical modeling, it’s just another mask the communist uses to persuade the masses of their ideology.

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The COVID Pandemic

Years went by with no one noticing the ideas being discussed by the World Economic Forum. But now, in coordination with the United Nations, they have a new plan – Agenda 30. This plan is different however. It seems to be cut from the same cloth that the Rockefeller’s Lockstep Narratives are cut from. Lockstep is a series of narratives made by the Rockefeller Foundation that read as a description of past events, made to simulate narratives that encompass global events – such as a pandemic. The stories it weaves are eerily similar to the events unfolding in front of us today. A global pandemic that shuts down the entire world economy in the name of public safety.

Now that we are months into “15 days to slow the spread”, their intentions are revealed in the open on their website. They even claim they need to use the pandemic to enact what they dubbed the “Great Reset”. A worldwide reset of everyone’s total monetary debt by the IMF. It does not come without a catch however. According to an unverified leaked email by a Canadian bureaucrat, the World Economic Forum and the UN, in lockstep with the IMF, plan to do such a reset.

Roadmap To Our Future


The email details the roadmap for the great reset in terms of the pandemic. It explains the different steps they will take to seize control of the global economy. Using the pandemic as an excuse, the “new norm” really will be the new norm. Just like after 9/11 how none of the emergency laws and powers granted to the State expired, the distancing and mask mandates are here for good. And we gladly gave up more of our freedoms to pursue the excuse of safety and public health.

But no one remembers what life was like before 9/11 to notice the red flags popping up all over the place. And the statistical data available to the public also discredit this event as an actual pandemic. For starters, the death rate reported by the CDC is under 0.06% for the most venerable of the population (70+ years of age). And in conjunction with this low ratio, Australia has not reported a single case of influenza since July. Something never seen in it’s history.

Aside from the obvious numbers, the events coming to light also support the email’s claimed roadmap. The UK is now under a second lockdown, and worse yet, isolation facilities are being acquired around the world by government leaders. But now, as if on schedule, the highlighted event in Figure 1A is being reported from Denmark.

The worrying trend of these events coming to pass is being largely unnoticed by the masses. But the ideas are almost ripped directly from the World Economic Forum’s website. In fact, a video on the Forum’s YouTube channel showcases this plan. The video starts by setting up the pandemic narrative but shifts to the future of our economy being run by advanced robotics and AI algorithms, with no mention at all of the pandemic or the virus itself.

But the main plan involves the IMF supporting the collapse of the job market by reliving us of our personal debt. The catch? You must sign away every possession you own, while giving up your rights to own anything in the future, being dependent on the government’s universal basic income just to survive. And with the current decimation of our small businesses in the US, this seems more and more likely as the year draws on.


So, is this the “New World Order” that an Australian politician let slip earlier this year? Who knows. All I can say is it is the stuff of a terrifying dystopian nightmare. No comfort, no individualism, no property, no social events, no human contact, no privacy, no pubic school, no freedom. And to think, people wonder why the establishment machine is violently against Trump. He either isn’t in their elitist club, or doesn’t like the idea and opposes it full stop. Either way, we must remain skeptical of the narrative being pumped out by these multinational Tech Giants and Media Conglomerates. Their push for more lockdowns and more changes to our social lives is beginning to take a toll on humanity. Suicides are on the rise, social cohesion is falling apart, and the economic structure we grew up with is no longer viable with the powers that be controlling the narrative. 


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