Pro-Black is a lifestyle that encourages the social and economic growth and development of Black people. It’s sole purpose is to uplift a specific skin color that historically has been marginalized by the Democrats, brutalized by drug violence, imprisoned by Kamala Harris, enslaved by their own ideology, and oppressed by every white person alive. Being Pro-Black is wanting to see communism triumph over capitalism.

Anti-racism is actively ensuring that you, the people around you, the organizations you work for, and the systems in which you operate in are compliant with the Cathedral and adhere to all the tenants of Woke. But being anti-racist doesn’t earn you a gold star, You’re white. You’ll never earn a gold star.

Useful Hints

Logical Sense

Pro-Black makes more sense if seen through the lens of a communist ideologue. As for everyone else, 0/10.

Malicious Intent

Almost as subversive as the word Racist. No one wants to be anti-black. We all know the only anti-race you can be is anti-white. Duh.

Academic Use

Oh they use the hell outta this term. More than the Democrats use minorities for votes.

Social Danger

Used by BLM to make white people comply and to assist in pulling back defectors of color, or DOC.


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