Gamergate was the beginning of the current anti-establishment, anti-corruption, and anti-media manipulation phenomenon we are currently seeing in society. It began in 2014 when developer Zoë Quinn was outed by her then boyfriend Eron Gjoni for cheating on her with gaming journalist Nathan Grayson. This led to the growing distain for gaming journalists who had become corrupt activists that used their position as a journalist to pontificate on social justice and radical progressivism. This was compounded by the crony behavior of developers and journalists working in tandem to manipulate ratings and reviews.

Gamergate has been used time and time again to explain the constant backlash radical leftists receive due to their terrible ideas and obvious media manipulation. The stories and games gamers have grown to love were being torn apart by deconstructionists and progressive ideologues. No IP was safe from this spreading mind virus, and gamers were the first to really notice and fight back – hence the mainstream’s seething hate for the movement.


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