Citizenship Grade

A Citizenship Grade is part of the San Marino High School’s grading system. Because of the discrepancies between POC students and the children of white supremacy, equity must be forced to achieve maximum Diversity and Inclusion. This will lower the anxiety POC are forced to endure every day, while holding the white students accountable for the sexist and racist nature of their identity.

Useful Hints

Logical Sense

You're combining the worse parts of communism with our public education. How much logical sense do you think this makes?

Malicious Intent

Very high. Watch out for programs like this that use diversity and inclusion as an excuse for being complicit to white supremacy.

Academic Use

Purely academic. Used to only bolster the underachieving and uplift the racially activated.

Social Danger

You'll eventually want to join the BLM movement and demand more of this crap everywhere else in society.


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