Body Positivity

The body-positive approach is based on the development of five “core competencies”: Reclaim Health (realize that body size is unrelated to physical fitness, develop a weight-neutral approach to self-care/health habits), Practice Intuitive Self-care (learn to recognize the body’s needs [rest, activity, nutrition] and signals [hunger, satiety], learn to satisfy the body’s needs “intuitively” “[rather than by following rigid rules for diet and exercise]”), Cultivate Self-Love (learn to treat oneself compassionately, forgive mistakes, accept flaws, recognize the self as worthy of love), Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty (reject the cultural beauty ideal; recognize diverse ways to be, feel, and appreciate beauty; “inhabit your unique body with joy and confidence”), and Build Community (develop relationships with others who take a body-positive approach, model ways to love and respect one’s own and others’ bodies.)


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